Joe Orton

K. Elizabeth Stevens

November 6 – december 13, 2000

Gut-busting, in-your-face comedy!


We find McLeavey (Daniel Burnley),” the leading Catholic layman in a radius of the 40 miles” grieving over the casket of his late wife. Its the day of the funeral, and the widower must contend with his faithful, randy Nurse Fay (Donna Wright) and his shiftless son Hal (Daniel Pettrow) neither of whom want to attend the ceremony. 

Hal’s plan to be a no-show has nothing to do with mourning his mother. He and his mate Dennis (Brit Whittle), a funeral parlor employee have nicked a small fortune from the bank next door to the mortician. The problem is making off with the money with Dennis and Hal already under suspicion. They seize upon stowing the cash in the coffin, but what to do with the body? 


Two hours with one intermission


Audience Advisory: This production contains full nudity, strong adult language and descriptions and depictions of sensitive and intense issues and situations. For more detailed information about potential trigger warnings, please click HERE


There is open seating for this production.



May 12 & 13 at 8 pm

Opening Night

May 14 at 8 pm

Regular Performances

May 14 – June 12, 2022
Wednesdays – Saturdays at 8 pm
Sundays at 2 pm

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